• Professional disc golf association (PDGA) is a worldwide membership organization for amateur and professional disc golf players dedicated to the promotion and sustainable growth of disc golf. PDGA mission statement is to develop disc golf into a globally-recognized competitive sport and recreational activity and to sustain the growth of the organization, membership, and disc golf.
  • PDGA Europe is a Steering Committee consisting of the PDGA affiliated Country Coordinators, the PDGA EuroTour Manager, and the PDGA International Director, all voting members. PDGA Europe is empowered to take Europe-wide decisions involving PDGA Tour, event, membership and related disc golf standards. Certain decisions, including the awarding of Major event status, will require the approval of the PDGA Board and/or Executive Director. PDGA Europe is supported in terms of management, finances, marketing/promotion, and otherwise by PDGAHQ.
  • As a member of the PDGA your benefits include playing in PDGA sanctioned events at a discounted rate, tracking player points and ratings, subscription to DiscGolfer - the official PDGA publication, e-newsletters, eligibility to run/vote in elections, compete in member only events (SuperTours, National Tour Elite Series and Majors), and more!
  • PDGA Memberships and the PDGA Tour both follow the calendar year. All PDGA memberships expire on December 31st. (Exceptions are made for members joining or renewing after October 1st – these members are extended through the following year).
  • Ratings are now updated at least 10 times per year. For 2017 events, ratings are scheduled to be updated on Feb 17th. The first update for any events in 2017 will be March 24th followed by April 28th, May 26th, June 23rd, July 28th, August 25th, September 22, October 20, November 17, and December 8th.


  • If you wish to become PDGA member you can either use www.pdga.com/membership or you can request your membership with Czech Republic PDGA country coordinator Lukáš Filandr (lukasicek@praguedevils.org) by selecting your membership option and providing following details: name, surename, sex, postal address including ZIP code and country, email address, mobile number, date of birth, membership code and component code.
    • Component codes and cost for 2017 are:
      Membership ComponentsCost
      A - PDGA International MembershipPro - $30
      Am / Student* - $20
      B - PDGA Magazine (airmail subscription)+$40
      C - New Member Disc (New Members Only)
      Currently very demanding administrative task to order

    Membership code - enter the 3 or 4 digit code from the list above, for example "RPIX" for a Pro Renewal (NO MAGAZINE).

    Components code - write in the letter or letters corresponding to the component(s) that you want to pay for. Example: "ABC" = basic international membership + magazine + new member disc.

  • New members receive a membership card with lifetime member number, PDGA logo disc and mini marker disc, subscription to DiscGolfer magazine - the official publication of the PDGA, rulebook, and sticker based on selected and payed options.
  • Renewing members for 2017 receive a membership card, subscription to DiscGolfer magazine - the official publication of the PDGA, rulebook, renewal tag, and sticker based on selected and payed options.


  • Is required for all PDGA tournament directors and for players attending USA National Tour or PDGA Major tournaments.
  • Is processed online at www.pdga.com/rules/exam and is in open book format without time limit and with one correct answer per question with unlimited attempts made.
  • Is valid for 3 years (expiration is visible in your PDGA profile) and costs $10.
  • After passing an exam, certification need to be completed by online payment.