I have started with flying disc sports since i was 11. My first was collective sport called ultimate where i have later earned multiple national champion titles in indoor and outdoor competition and other achievements on national and european scene as base team member of Prague Devils team. At the end of 2006 i was introduced to discgolf and from 2008 this sports has become my primary. Today i am one of the best czech discgolf players - by PDGA rating the best player. I am one of the few czech players who won foreign tournament in professional category and winner of first official czech national championship. More information about me, discgolf and ultimate is available here.


16. 01. 2015 23:14:00: CZECH DISC GOLF LEAGUE RESULTS

pictureResults of Czech disc golf league for 2014 are closed and after another year I have managed to won, for fifth time in a row, this title in Open category. This year i have won with 15,3 point lead and i have only lost 6 points from theoretical maximum. Daniela even with injury managed to take third place in women division. Complete results are available here.

10. 10. 2014 23:58:00: MČR MORAVIAN OPEN 2014

pictureIt seems that I have managed to save the win on Czech A tier tournament for the right time. After being second on three previous Czech A tier tournaments (at two of them after sudden death playoff) I have managed to win Moravian Open and also for the 3rd time in row defend Czech disc golf champion title. In addition to tournament win and Czech disc golf champion title I have established new course record of 51 strokes which is per unofficial result rated at 1038 which is so far the best rated round of any Czech player and i have secured my Czech disc golf league title for fifth time in a row. Complete results are available here.

23. 09. 2014 22:27:00: VESEC 2014

pictureEven when forecast for tournament was not good at the end we did not have rain and almost no wind during this year's Vesec Open. After first three rounds I was at 3rd position 7 strokes behind leader and 5 strokes before 4th player. During nine semifinal holes after my outstanding performance I have moved to 2nd position just 2 strokes behind leader and after best performance in the finals I managed to be tied for first place. During sudden death playoff after going OB at 2nd hole as the only Czech player at medal positions i have took 2nd place. Complete results are available here.

08. 09. 2014 09:57:00: DOUBLE FROM KOLIN

pictureAfter Daniela's tournament absence caused by prevailing shoulder injury we managed to get another family double at tournament in Kolín and organizers "named" it Filandrovi Open. I have won only with one stroke lead but i have managed to tie tournament course record of 21 strokes during first round. Daniela won with four stoke lead. Tournament results are available here.

01. 09. 2014 19:47:00: SDGT SUMMER TOURNAMENT

pictureI have managed to get another 100 Czech league points at first two day tournament at course in Kunovský les extended to eighteen holes. During tournament as one of players i managed to set course record of 47 strokes and at the end won with four stroke lead. Daniela even with shoulder injury managed to take third place. Complete results are available here.


pictureEuropean championship is held every two years and this year it took place at Les Evaux sport areal in Geneva, Switzerland. There were many traps including islands, OB and deep bushes on 2412 meters long course with par 65. From Czech team I have the best score which resulted in shared 35th place and only in third round another Czech player played better. During tournament i have scored 23 birdies and took penalty in form of 3 bogeys and 2 double bogeys, managed to score the only Czech points for nations cup for shared 13th place after round one and i have played bogey free round four. From other highlight statistic I like to mention that all my rounds were at or under course par, i have not scored bogey or worse at island holes (1 and 12) and in open category i have beaten 10 players with better PDGA rating and only 3 players with worse rating beaten me. Championship results are available here.

17. 08. 2014 23:19:00: VESELÍ OPEN 2014

pictureAfter loss on fourth sudden death playoff hole I have not managed to defend my tournament victory from previous years and took second place however i have managed to tie my own course record of 47 strokes from year 2010. Complete results are available here.

10. 08. 2014 19:28:00: CHODOV

pictureAt another summer league 99 tournament i have managed to win with 6 strokes lead before second place and i have also matched tournament course record of 19 strokes (only one par). Tournament results are available here.


Some tournaments with my attendance organized in next two months.


Courses equiped with permanent baskets where you can play and in some cases lent discgolf equipment.
Nučice, Praha (9 holes)
Par: 27Total Length: 1449 ftPDGA
SkiMax, Špindlerův Mlýn (8 holes)
Par: 24Total Length: 1312 ft
Park Golf Hradec Králové (4 holes)
Par: 12Total Length: 1420 ftPDGA
Česká Lípa (9 holes)
Par: 28Total Length: 1934 ftPDGA
Hotel Javor, Malá Úpa (9 holes)
Par: 28Total Length: 1844 ftPDGA
Osek, Osek u Duchcova (9 holes)
Par: 27Total Length: 1749 ftPDGA
Ostrava Jih (4 holes)
Par: 12Total Length: 763 ftPDGA
Park Sítná, Kladno (9 holes)
Par: 27Total Length: 1671 ftPDGA
Pohádková Chaloupka, Doksy (9 holes)
Par: 27Total Length: 1609 ftPDGA
Stodůlky, Praha (4 holes)
Par: 12Total Length: 823 ftPDGA
Šumperk (9 holes)
Par: 28Total Length: 2164 ftPDGA
Komora, Tábor (9 holes)
Par: 29Total Length: 2358 ftPDGA
Tachov Na Vysoké (18 holes)
Par: 55Total Length: 4681 ftPDGA
Vepříkov (9 holes)
Par: 24Total Length: 1229 ftPDGA
Amfiteátr Mikulov (6 holes)
Par: 18Total Length: 1463 ftPDGA
Avion Shopping Park, Ostrava (9 holes)
Par: 27Total Length: 2049 ftPDGA
Běchovice, Praha (9 holes)
Par: 32Total Length: 3956 ftPDGA
Bocheta, Nový Jičín (9 holes)
Par: 27Total Length: 2180 ftPDGA
Brno Střed (9 holes)
Par: 27Total Length: 1682 ftPDGA
Budišov nad Budišovkou (18 holes)
Par: 59Total Length: 5720 ftPDGA
Chateau Hostačov (18 holes)
Par: 61Total Length: 7015 ftPDGA
Chodov, Praha (9 holes)
Par: 27Total Length: 1710 ftPDGA
Dolní Morava (12 holes)
Par: 40Total Length: 4142 ftPDGA
Dolní Němčí (9 holes)
Par: 27Total Length: 1499 ftPDGA
Dubina, Karviná (9 holes)
Par: 27Total Length: 1954 ftPDGA
Stromovka Havířov (9 holes)
Par: 28Total Length: 1913 ftPDGA
Štěrkovna Hlučín (4 holes)
Par: 12Total Length: 945 ftPDGA
Hrochův Týnec (9 holes)
Par: 29Total Length: 2513 ftPDGA
Jakartovice (9 holes)
Par: 27Total Length: 1516 ftPDGA
Kadaň (18 holes)
Par: 56Total Length: 4844 ftPDGA
Kmochův Ostrov, Kolín (9 holes)
Par: 28Total Length: 2085 ftPDGA
Kobylí (12 holes)
Par: 36Total Length: 3207 ftPDGA
Kopřivnice (9 holes)
Par: 27Total Length: 1616 ftPDGA
Kouty, Kouty nad Desnou (9 holes)
Par: 29Total Length: 2359 ftPDGA
Králíky (9 holes)
Par: 29Total Length: 3347 ftPDGA
Krejcárek, Praha (6 holes)
Par: 18Total Length: 1103 ftPDGA
Křivec, Třinec (9 holes)
Par: 27Total Length: 1500 ftPDGA
Ladronka, Praha (9 holes)
Par: 28Total Length: 2847 ftPDGA
Laguna Přerov (9 holes)
Par: 27Total Length: 1642 ftPDGA
Lipno, Lipno nad Vltavou (9 holes)
Par: 29Total Length: 2500 ftPDGA
Milénova, Brno (9 holes)
Par: 27Total Length: 1647 ftPDGA
Orlice Hradec Králové (6 holes)
Par: 18Total Length: 1204 ftPDGA
Pohořelice (4 holes)
Par: 12Total Length: 905 ftPDGA
Poruba, Ostrava (9 holes)
Par: 27Total Length: 2128 ftPDGA
Praha 4 (5 holes)
Par: 15Total Length: 885 ftPDGA
Priessnitz, Jeseník (9 holes)
Par: 27Total Length: 1811 ftPDGA
Rekovice, Šumperk (10 holes)
Par: 30Total Length: 2022 ftPDGA
Štěpánka, Mladá Boleslav (9 holes)
Par: 28Total Length: 2052 ftPDGA
Europark Štěrboholy, Praha (9 holes)
Par: 27Total Length: 1681 ftPDGA
Stříbrné Jezero, Opava (9 holes)
Par: 27Total Length: 1747 ftPDGA
Svitavy (12 holes)
Par: 38Total Length: 3890 ftPDGA
Třešť (9 holes)
Par: 28Total Length: 2806 ftPDGA
Tučín (9 holes)
Par: 28Total Length: 2165 ftPDGA
Týn nad Bečvou (9 holes)
Par: 29Total Length: 2933 ftPDGA
U Rakety, Ostrava (12 holes)
Par: 36Total Length: 3131 ftPDGA
Vlasenice (9 holes)
Par: 28Total Length: 2276 ftPDGA
Vyškov Smetanovy Sady (18 holes)
Par: 54Total Length: 4337 ftPDGA
Park Holiday Benice, Praha (6 holes)
Par: 18Total Length: 1073 ftPDGA
Myslivna, Cheb (18 holes)
Par: 57Total Length: 5128 ftPDGA
Dlouhá Loučka (5 holes)
Par: 16Total Length: 1020 ftPDGA
Green Valley, Chotýšany (9 holes)
Par: 27Total Length: 1903 ftPDGA
Kubova Huť (18 holes)
Par: 59Total Length: 4288 ftPDGA
Fitline Libčany (7 holes)
Par: 21Total Length: 977 ftPDGA
Moravský Krumlov (15 holes)
Par: 49Total Length: 4578 ftPDGA
Areál Interlovu, Praha (4 holes)
Par: 12Total Length: 700 ftPDGA
Račí Údolí, Javorník (9 holes)
Par: 27Total Length: 1501 ftPDGA
Na Letné Teplice (9 holes)
Par: 29Total Length: 2346 ftPDGA
Uničov (18 holes)
Par: 56Total Length: 4935 ftPDGA